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I'll Never Forget

Verse 1:
I fell in love
With you
The first time i say you
I'm so pround of
You know what to do
Baby i swear i want to
(Tell you how i feel.) Feel
(Baby i'm forreal)
Its nothing i ever felt

Chorus: 2x
When ever we touch
When ever we kiss
I'm falling in love again
I still remember when i touch your lips
It's like a feeling I'll never forget

Verse 2:
And you are the sun
And the moon
And the stars
And the earth
You my girl
Baby you my world

And you are the air i breathe
Making my heart beat
Baby can you please

I really care for you i'll be there for you
(Like the very first time) like the first time i touch your lips
One more kiss (Thats when i knew you would be mines)

(When ever we touch, whenever we kiss i'm falling in love again.)
(Ohh Uhh)
(I'm falling in love all over again)
(It's like, It's like a feeling)

With you is wear i always wanna be yeahh...

Chorus: 2x
(All over again yeah)
(I'll never, never, never fall in love again)
(Said i'll never, never, fall in love again)
(I remember the first time when we touched, kissed, said I'll never forget, I'll never forget, I'll never forget

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