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I'll Take Your Man

It`s the City Girls, and you know we`ll out fuck you
So get out my face, before I touch you
Hoe, don`t you know? Can`t you understand?If you fuck with me, I`ll take your man

Bitch, you know I`ll take your man hoe
Don`t play with me, oh that`s your man?
I`ll take your man, now he mines
Haha, yeah hoe

Let me tell you ‘bout this hater from around my hood
Kept trying a bitch like my pussy ain`t good
See this bitch ain`t like me and I don`t know why
But I`ma give her a reason when I take her guy
You don`t want smoke baby, please believe me
`Cause I`m that bitch, and your nigga looking easy
Touch me, taste me, fuck me, squeeze me
Once he do that, he`ll never leave me
Fuck you and the rest of your crew
`Cause I`ll take your nigga and I`ll keep mine to
If you wanna fight, I`m with that to
Bitch I`m from the hood, lace up your shoes
Bitch you too slow, can`t keep up, I took him, you see us
Pussy whip, he too stuck, you lost him, that`s your luck
So the next time you decide to start some shit
Old broke down, jealous bitch

I`ll take your man
Damn right, shit, you know I will
Bitch, that`ll be my man
I`ll take your man
That`s my dick, haha
Dead ass though

Yeah, when I walked in the door, I bend for the attention
The niggas with the sweating and the hoes with the whispering
That`s Yung Miami and she signed to QC
How the fuck she got a deal, and she been rapping ‘bout a week?Uh
She probably suck P dick, or let Coast fuck, nah hoe I`m a G bitch
Straight from out the bottom
And I`ll beat a bitch ass, if a hoe got a problem
Pussy hoe where your man at?
So I can fuck him in his mouth, in your house where he laying at
On Instagram looking for a flaw, on or offline, pussy hoe on raw
I get if from my mammy, and I know how to handle it
305, from Miami, how you mad when you had your chance?
Y`all hoes better stop playing

I`ll take your man
Bitch, don`t play with me
Oh that`s your man? I`ll take your man
Now he mines, haha
Yeah, hoe
I`ll take your man

Fuck you
F-fuck-fuck you
Fuck you, j-j-jealous bitch
I`ll take your man
Fuck you
Tha-tha-that`s my dick

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