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I'm A Beast

[Lil Wayne]
Rapping is my hobby, my house has a lobby
My bitches act snobby, because I feed them thousands
I know that didn't rhyme but I'm only being honest
You can't pay me in cash now I'm only seeing commas
I swear I got on Saks 5th boxers right now
I'm trynna milk the game as if the game was a cow
I had an Eddie Bauer Expedition seven years ago
My grandma used to tell me that she swear I been here before
I used to wear braids like Jason's Lyric, whoa
Spent a bundle on the cross because I'm spiritual
And I can never pass a physical, I stay high
High as the voice of Akon
And make mine a straight with no chase
Hold the ice, I got enough on anyway
And when they see the boy, they hyperventilate
I got 'em running after me like I'm about to win a race

Cause I'm a beast, I'm a dog
Bitch I'm a beast, ho I'm a dog
Yeah you know that I'm a beast, I'm a dog
I'm a beast, ho I'm a dog
You know that

[Lil Wayne]
No, never entertain the suckers with the hating bidness (Nah he never did that)
I'm on a yacht playing table tennis
Expensive linin, women sinning
Adultery - compulsively
I'm an arsonist on the beat, blaze fire
The door close to the booth, I feel like a caged lion
Yeah let me loose, now let me get 'em
Cause I ain't going back and fourth like badminton
No I will never drop the ball like bad mitten
And I ain't being conceited, I'm just admitting
I flow cocky, got hand rhythm
I got this bitch on lock like San Quentin
I'm tough daddy, what's popping gangster?
I'm trynna keep my pockets fat like opera singers
So sharp, if you touch me I'll chop your fingers
I'm on top of the game like helicopter angles
I see you niggas, I hope you having fun
I hope you have a gun, this shit is crazy
It's little Baby, I'm here to take it
And it's looking vacant

[Hook - x2]

[Lil Wayne]
Ok, now I'mma go off on 'em, at first I was going soft on 'em
But now it's time to go hard, busting, banging Bogard
Take a shit in yo' yard, take a piss on yo' broad
Make a list of yo' boys, and go and murder them all, huh
Life is short, yeah a midget told me that
And I always thought I was fly like I had a pigeon on my back
But I got decisions on my back, vision on my back
So don't you try to run up on me, I got precision with that gat
I don't rat-tat-tat-tat-tat, all I got to do is tat
Bet I hit my tar-get, like a fucking dart mat
My address is Cloud 9, seek and you shall find
Weezy on da grind, I'm bout my Frankenstein
You know me, yeah, from my Lincolns to my Franklins
See I make that money stretch and connect like an anklet
Keep the bitches running in and out my house like a banquet
And I don't even speak their language, haha
And if the bitch boyfriend get angry
Then my niggas turn around and tell his whole click
Fuck that nigga! Pussy ass nigga!
Fuck that nigga! Yeah!

[Hook - x2]

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