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I'm Back

Lord be with me
This for that nigga thats posted on the block
This for that li nigga thats tryna make it to the top
I salute you , dont stop

Verse 1:

And ima start this first verse off by saying R.I.P Dave
Ima keep my dirty ways , til they let D-Dog out the cage
Northside 38 , TripleWar where i played
Young nigga running round, i was tryna run the game
And i was always recklezz , nigga i was never tamed
Ima ride for my brother , i know he'll do the same
Load up with them cuttas , ima make em feel my pain
Ima make yall pussy bitches bled , for how yall did Li Dave
We done bought so many guns , bitch we strapped up like the Navy
Got this bitch up on me, for whoever try to play me
These niggas to petty, bitch you needa education
They tryna run me off, bitch im tryna rule the nation
Stick you out yo shit, ima real 38 baby
Im cruising to the top, while you other niggas racing
You back, im concentrated. Im back and forward pacing
Im steady meditating , im like " fuck a nigga hating!"
They like " YoungBoy mane you the sickest , you the dumbest right na."
They like " YoungBoy you bout to blow, you know you bout to get signed."
Whole lotta OGs on my page tell me stay on my grind
Goofy hoes be at my top, but ian wasting my time
Im the streets hottest youngin, im on top
Str8 on top, ?????
I said i m hot , i got the ticket , niggas better realize just how im living

Date Added: 2017-08-21
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