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I'm the man

Stay kickin line stay up in the streets homie I’m a beast, and I keep the four five ride up on the side ride up on me you gonna die
Cuz I
Yea I
I'm the mothafucking man

[Verse 1]
Do this shit cuz we can
Hotter than the sun in Sudan
Japan all the way to Iran
A lil something something for the fans
Oh so comfortably planned
Comfortably planned to expand stick to the script I can't
Cuz I'm that motherfucking man
Holocaust through apostle I preach the poetry gospel I speak ali ali a something awful
Homie you wack you weak and you wack I seek and I clack (1:06) It seeps thru your back
React and get clapped gotti tsunami this is natural hostile kin and krakra and proper I gotchu
Hey whats up man!?
Where you at homie?
Its only me myself and I by my lonely


[Verse 2]
Standing in my d boy stance hooked of off just one glance the arterythmatic romance take your vail and just a slance lil chance
Pushing the fine line to advance I push a fine line cuz I can
Stick to the script I can’t
Suicidal with vital I'm the man
Super shooter recruiter lethal death and equal squeeze the ebenezer gain cold and then freeze it savage wreaking havoc
I gripping and grab it I stick and I stab it
Im in it for the cabbage
The cabbage and thats it Gotti tsunami Sinatra hostile kin and kaka and proper I gotchu hah
And homie I gots to be shooting star status apparatus apostle


[Verse 3]
Man niggas better know that you smell the smoke you can see where the ho’s at jewels Iceberg cool blue call them snowcap fresh threads getting bread counting more stacks
Pay this ho that the remy in me keep me mellow
Talking that jazz get you all heavy metal
Ride up on the side run up on me you gon die
Cuz I yea I I Im the motherfucking man
Im the motherfucking man

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