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I'm With That

Squad, squad

If its getting money then Im with that
If its on that face shit
I am with that
All that fake shit
I am with that

Hey bad nigga, what you gonna do now?
My soldier called me up
Im gonna shoot you down
Had to fall back cause Im moving far
Had to pay back cause Im on a scent
Nigga we the best
Ill put a hole in your chest, in your chest
I cant relate
I cant relate
Getting this money
I know how to move my phone
I forgot it in the scraper
I am the Pee man
Hang on!
Keep that in my pants
Nigga we came here
Nigga stay down Imma lead you and youll win
All we do is win
Nigga now get your weed back
Stretch your ass like a kit cat

Smoking dope and planting weed
Paparazzi take my pictures
Bad bitches take my sweet shirts
And Im ballin with my niggaz
Im with that
Im with that
Ill be getting many
Ill be getting billions
Ill be blowin dope
Ill be blowin hell of beans

Ill be smokin dope
Now we smash and pump
30 thousand cush at your front door
With a fucking red notice

Getting money
Yeah, Im with that
If it aint about no money
I aint with that
Big guns we kick back
He gonna shoot your from behind
Imma shoot you til youre blind

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