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I've Commited Murder

My baby works down at the boulevard cafГ©
Just a fine young man with big dreams
Trying to make his one way
The owner is this man ole bitch who degrades
Him everyday
Then she fires him for no reason
Don't want to give him for no reason

I've committed murder and I think I got away
I'm hiding at my mother's house corne get me right away
Right away
I have no intention of paying for my crimes don't fear
We're gonna get the next plane outer here and fly away
Fly away

When he's down it breaks my heart to see him
So I figured I'd talk to her woman to woman
I walk in and she's countin' her cash
Got so much cash her office looks like a green pasture
I said, "give him the little bit of money you owe him"
She said" get back bitch I ain't givin' you shit"
I said, "you ole bag, maybe you ain't heard but them are
Fightin words"

And I don't feel bad about it
See baby there was this struggle
And I don't feel bad about it
As a result of our struggle
And I don't feel bad about it
But the good thing is
And I don't feel bad about it
We don't have to struggle no more

With a suitcase full of money
We flew to a Jamaican paradise
One thing I've learned through all of this is
Having money sure is nice
Me and my baby got married

He's working hard to make his dreams came true
As far as regrets I don't have any
Would You?


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