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I Can't Stand You

Ay Man You Wont Believe What This Slore Just Did To Me Man Nigga Whaaaaaa
Yeah Nigga This Slore Just Told Me Some Messed Up Man

Gooooo Girl You Need To Get Up Out My Life
I Aint Takin Bullshit Anymore Need To Step Up Out That ****ing Door
Hurry Pack Your Bags And Baby Goooo.

I can't Take You I don't Want You I can't Have You I can't Stand You In My Life

Mr. Model
I Love You Girl And that's Fo Sho
But Still You Played Me Like A Fool
Took Your Ass On AVacation Even Hookie From The School
Told You That I Loved You So And Still You Fuck His Ass Again
Sent You Letters And Some Money When I Was Up In The Pen

Mr. Model
Even Then I Still For Gave 'cause I Want You In My Life
Be Wit Me For All My Life Girl I Want You As My Wife
But You Fucked The Next Door And My Mutha Fuckin Friend
This Is The End I Aint Dealin Wit This Fuckin Slo Again
You Can Suck On My Fat Nutz 'cause I don't Give A Mutha Fuck
Tell Your Slorish Friends Stop Callin Fo I Shoot Em Like A Cluck
I Got My Model And My Music And that's All I Really Need Wish These Slores
Would Just Stop Callin 'cause They didn't Call The Pen Girl Just Goooooo.

Mr. Model
All These Chickens Tried To Play Me Like I Was A Game Nikka
Not Ready To Bang Nikka A Ultimate Lame Nikka Ima Crazy Mutha ******
Wit A Mind Of My Own Aint Got No Time For A Chicken When The Microphone Is On
Time After Time You Done Cheated Again And I Aint Takin No **** From Your *** Again.
Baby Pack Your Bags And Get The Fuck Out Of My Life
All You Do Is Start Some Drama Have A Nigga In A Fight

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