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I Don't Wanna Know

All my niggas take a walk wit me
U ain't gotta holla, u can talk to me
Try to learn where my thoughts could be, and how I stack figures
Learn why im real, s till that nigga
I get money i ain't gotta do a crime, s***
I hit dimes what i need with a 9
Before y'all judge me be clear
We got nothing but heat here
Beware, we here
Whats my name? Got chicks twisted like whats my game
Pimp thing still the same i smash it, i dont harass it
Ma, im a baller i score and pass it
Feel me, still me, filthy
Making hits is a crime i, plead guilty
And this is what we came to do
Party, Diddy, Usher, game is thru
Come on

Its right 'round 11 o'clock, one of your girls just called
Asked u how u look, are u ready
U tell her u look hot, not to worry at all
Niggas will be shook u doing it heavy
Shes telling u she might change but u tell her not to, surely she looks stunning
It'll be fun
The club will be full of game but none of that has got u
Me i think your runnin' 'cause im the one

I dont know what u came to do girl
What u came to do tonight
But i came to party, oh ohh
I dont know what u came to do girl
What u came to do tonight
But i came to party, oh ohh

U're probably thinking to yourself whats the occasion
And belive me girl i dont just search for fun
The perfect gentlemen at every situation
And the only thing thats missing is the one
Is it u??

La la la ghetto girls, la la la suburban girls, la la la international girls
U smell me

Had to take the time, to open up yo mind
Its exactly what u are... OPEN
U got the mesmerizing grind
Your shape should be a crime
Damn baby your a star
Mish momkin (amazing in arabic)

Date Added: 2017-08-21
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