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I Own The Sky

Yeah! So I had a verse written for this, who was kind of hot
But I just grabbed it, cause I was, I was listening to the track
And I kinda just zoned out
And I felt like I needed this
A second to talk to you all!
You see, I’ve been doing this for a long time
I’ve been giving you my life for the past four years
Trials, tribulations, ups, downs
That’s right, everything
I’ve been just giving you everything!
And I feel like I’m still not where I should be
Maybe is my fault, maybe is not
But here’s what you all can do!
You see I did why, and I did why not for a reason
Here’s the reason, you see?
I want you all to ask all your people
Everybody you know
Do you know Mickey Factz, have you heard of Mickey Factz?
Did you download his latest project?
And if they say no, your response should be “why not?”
And from there introduce them to this artistic collection
That I’ve given you over the past five weeks
You see, as achievers we all have dreams,
and we all need to reach high for them
And for me, I don’t care about the money, you know that
For me is more so the love of it, the art of it,
the culture that I represent, you know
We’re starting all over, this is the new facts, a reinventment so to speak
So until the next time, my achievers, please, I hope you can oblige me!

Date Added: 2012-11-10
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