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I Took Her

[Hook] {X2}
"Sweet street pusher, give me that gusher
Nasty stuff, look up! I took her" [-- Ludacris

[Verse 1]
I like a red bone, pretty feet, slim waist, cute face
Girl if that's you then put your info in my two-way
Girl, you a star, me and you can make a movie
She said them diamonds in my chain look like Kool-Aid
And when I'm gone, she be missin me like schooldays
Alright, I like a bitch, that like a bitch
Fuckin right I'm rich, and I ain't gettin hitched
I'm gettin paid in full, just call me Money Mitch
Ballin like Tony Gwynn - I'm never lonely in that penthouse
And all the time her nigga think she at a friend house
Okay, I put the Phantom up and brought the Bent out
It's Weezy Baby, bitch I'm hot like all the vents out, haha

[Hook] {X2}

[Verse 2]
Tell 'em how it go
It go Hollygrove, Seventeen, Carrollton, Eagle Street
Runnin with my hood till my feet get sore
Run up on them boys and you ain't runnin no more
I am from the jungle, the mighty jungle
And the guns go... Hah
While your boyfriend actin like secret service
I'mma get you by yourself and get my secret service
I'm on that purple urple, and all the earth is bouncin
I've climbed the highest mountain - and baby girl that coupe is fountain blue
You see them green and yellow diamonds, call it Mountain Dew
I got the crib in the sky with the city view
And I take a skinny bitch if her tit is new, haha
Now what it do?

[Hook] {X2}

[Verse 3]
Get 'em!
Okay, Gucci shoes, Gucci buckles, Gucci belt, Gucci bucket
Sharper than a yellow number two, I doesin what I do
And if you didn't know, now you knew
I am the Fireman, red truck, yellow suit
And I treat money like glue
You know I got to stick to the paper, you know I'm like a staple
That's why I got that Cash Money right above my navel
Young Money is the label, money, bitches and cable
We multiplying money sitting at the time table
So holler at a nigga when you see me on the grind
And bust that pussy open like we runnin out of time
And don't say a word, just act like a mind
The girl may be yours but the pussy is mine

[Hook] {X4}

Young Money, wassup? {*X4*}
Uhhh, uhhh, uhhh, hahaha
Weezy F. Baby

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