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The Achievement!

[Verse 1]
Yo I'm the incredible, Multi-dimensional
Ultra-terrestrial, No I am so fly
In that gold 5, I drove by Impeccable
Hoes like my testicles, don't bite my vegetable
Wait I'm hilarious break up nice marriages
Make you vicarious, Hey I'm so fabulous, They say I'm arrogant
But name another rapper since Kane this extravagant (Go head)
Try harder than that arguing back
The Drill Sargent of rap will film all of you cats
Run laps around my camp till you fall and collapse
I still bark when you rap (you chill dog get relax)
Nah, ridiculous lyricist, still militant
Diligent skill gentlemen, Mickey's the real Gilligan
Frivolous, Killin these little idiots, Still furious
I'm sicker than clitoris filled with real syphilis

[Hook: "I'm Incredible" after everything]
Yea, I'm Incredible
Huh, I'm Incredible
Whoa, I'm Incredible
No, I'm Incredible
Yes, I'm Incredible
Wait, I'm Incredible
Nah, I'm Incredible
Yea, I'm Incredible

Ask Wale he know
Ask Kid Cudi he know
Ask Kids in the Hall they know
Ask The Cool Kids they know

[Verse 2]
See, I'm the angriest freestylin Patriot
Speak out in Languages, reachin out to aliens
Mean while my alias is dangerous
I breath out the craziest phrases that leak out your pancreas (oh eww)
I sterilize your cataracts, Step inside my Cadillac
Never mind the aftermath, Dag, I terrorize a paragraph
Jeopardize your habitat, Recognize the baddest cat, Me
I'm coastin and parleying and holdin that long paper
See globally I'm major, with so many broads stayin in clothing by Mark Jacobs
Homie I'm Darth Vader with glow-in-the-dark sabers, Hi Haters!
King of the mighty thrown, I'm bring your wife along to sing on my microphone
She strike a pose that keep her inside a zone that easily got her dome just thinking she's not at home


Ask Charles Hamilton huh
Ask Nakim he know
Ask Big Sean he know
FKi they know

[Verse 3]
I'm enterprising, visually energizing
Clinically mesmerizing with physical hypnotising
Women ?, and I've been in so many sacks
I should win a Heisman for Paralyzin... Ouch
The studio mic is bleeding, smoother than Aquafina
Schoolin the non believers, these dudes gettin stupider
I'm used to it, so I got to tutor em like a teacher
And fool em like Condalisa... Rice
Weapons of mass destruction will never package a dump in a area that government clearly had us corrupted but really that isn't nothin compared to half of the junk that America has come up with
Fuck it
But that's another topic, back to what I was rockin
These rappers they better stop it, I had to be the baddest
That's spittin acid on a track that isn't mastered but it's crafted like a Master Piece, you got it?


Ask Kanye he know
Ask Lil Wayne he know
Ask Lupe he know
N.E.R.D they know
Ask Consequence he know
Ask Talib he know
Ask Fresh Daily he know
Ask A.C he know
Ask Skyzoo he know
Ask GFC they know
Ask KRS he know
Ask Anybody and you'll know I'm Incredible

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