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It's All Love

We in the city of the angels
Where the guns might bust
And it's alot of imitators but there's none like us
Get the funds like us hit them hunds like us
Them pretty brown skin ladies with the buzz like what
Fat asses and blunts and when we in New York
It's yo pass me the dutch
Pouring yack out the cup
Shout to my south niggers that's still trapping it up
We talk that real shit plus we backing it up
Doing over time, fuck it let's get paid
My niggas on the grind, putting work like slaves
Because we wanna shine, fresh cut with the blade
My nigga all the time, that's why she over mine

It's alright, don't clap for me
It's all good, don't clap for me
It's all love ,It's all love

I used to speak in with rats
Disconnecting with crane with raps
Bringing the pain like a game on straps
To the top is what we aiming at
Fuck your NBA you know I got more game than that
But climb back and catch me puffing on the dime sack
I can make a six figure nigga try and say rewind that
Homie you define that show me where the crime at
We roll type like philly blunts do the dime sack
Besides that kinda get like plasma get
Now you flat like a doormat looking for some warm wraps
Talk back or we just hung up
Pressed your luck I'mma call you mopping wet you up
Set you up might disguise as the raising chucks
Fuck 'em with thugs who ain't scared to bust
Fuck pride get my praises up
Thank God for flows and time we port in danger

He made the beat, we kick the raps
I bought the weed, she bought the wraps
This is the season we run the tracks
If this is a dream I'm not coming back
To reality this is inspiration
This is hard work Lord I was in the basement
Granted this is trully for the audience I do fuck with
Dedicated to the niggers that I grew up with
Blew blunts with, knew we weren't waggling jobs
But if you seen us on the clock you would swear we were stars
Pac Div baby, we face incredible odds
Now we ask you motherfuckers like a federal charge

I ain't gotta say much my shit talk for me
Finna get the new benz, that shit part for me
Large money when we ride to these beats it's like soccer the clits
Do my thing since Packers and Petes
Burn nigga stay opposite me
No parley with me we move shit but the dolly with me
New sense, new sense pocket's gotta be deep
Got a 40 year old milf and she college in free
You ain't even seen the sky on me or the balance
Still keep the essence but the bitches ain't a challenge
So they come to talk like I run around with Dalvin
That fly nigga shit only run around in Calvin

Enough is enough man this shit don't cut a got big time
Playing with a small time budget
Big time moves no money to back it
Back to the point where I'm packing a ratchet
Live by the guns still dodging the casket
Break bad bitches got 'em spot in the plastic
Keep your face down spread eagle on the mattress
A full moon that's exactly what that ass is
Puff puff pass this, strooky with my niggers
Stop the small time grind boy it's time to think bigger
Time to think scrilla' fuck what they say
Tryin' to think fast get paid the same way

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