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It's Not OK

Ay yo, what up? It's Young Buck people!
Dirty South stand up mayne, East Coast let's go, Westside let's ride!
Oh... I'm good, It's two sides to every story nigga

[Verse 1]
Push your bubs pipes (Yeah) your life get wiped away (C'mon)
It's a price you pay to wear that ice today (For sure)
So they say we ain't shit cause we clamin the corner (Okay)
Well sorry you don't live, where I live, your honor (Fuck)
The feds don't care, look what they did to drama (Damn)
And what they gon' do if we elect Obama (Ha-haa)
The reason I say we livin in last days (Why?)
Cause shawty got aids givin pussy away (For real?)
Maybe I should stab another nigga for Dre (Go 'head)
Or be the DJ to get some radio play (C'mon)
If I walk right past ya with nothing to say, holla back another day, cause I'm not okay (I'm not okay)

Momma always told me every day is like this (Let'em know!)
So when you grow up, don't play that shit (Yeah!)
Daddy always told me every day is like this (What he say?)
He say 'Son don't you play that shit' (Ay!)
And I know, if I go, one of you motherfuckers comin' with me (Yeaah)
Somebody gon' die tonight, my mind ain't right
Stop fucking with me, you can't see that I'm not okay?

[Verse 2]
Temperature's rising, barely surviving
Kill with no hiding, they shooting when I'm riding
There comes a time, when the sun goes down (Yeah!)
The killers come out, the cowards can't be found (What!)
Animal instincts, I smell bitch niggas (Euhh)
Before they make it to me, I know how to deal with em (Ha-haa)
Last year wasn't fair I was almost there
Made more in the streets than my own rap career (Ay!)
When the camaras ain't on nigga, I ain't home (Nah)
And my presence ain't shown nigga, I ain't gone (For sure)
Buck gettin to the money homie, I ain't wrong
And the drop time comin but you know I'm on
Holla back!


[Young Buck]
I mean that done speak it for it self
What you see, is what you get
And what you hear is what it is.. For me anyway, I'm doin me
Dre! What up homie? Em..! Oh man, you know you my nigga mayne.. aay!
Just sayin doe, look at, look at where we at..
It's cool, ha haa.. cause I'm good man
I'm in the streets.. And my daughter.. I mean my kids gon' eat regardless homie


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