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Jojo's Chillin

My man jumper got a colorful photo
So he gotta get out of... he's soho
Then he picked up cellphone... the apple and hit him with spray
Parked in the ...then hit him with some...
..with fake ID and...
Old man looked ...but he hit him with a...
Hit him with a... hit him with a show
Old man's got ticket then he went like
Then he hit him with the spine,
then he hit him with the wing
And Jojo hit the bathroom, Jojo hit the sink
Cold war head splash on the face.
... where should I ...
Make the head so damn..., I ain't dead
...then he went on his day
Back to reality, reality say
Still gotta make it to death, out of...
He moves out of bathroom, clicking with haste
Listen long rhyme, it's a... for the gates
And this old lady give...
Man, cause I see him cutting spaces in line
JoJos Chillin!

Back in line ...girl from the hood... looks...
so she cleared them on the ID
before he goes to X-ray taking off the...
But taking off the jacket, oh....
Reached in his pocket, host got..
... he made it this far, what's Jo to do
So he stopped in his pocket and he walked right through
He walked right through
He walked right through
Then the... said she pointing at you
The old lady that ain't seen joke...
Went to the officer and tried to drop..
Everyone having this, step to the...
Told him that the old ladies... proper
I got an old lady get treated like a terrorist...
..a terrorist, Jojo found the situation hilarious
.robbed on time they called the first class
Upgrade ticket to the.. cash
..he's almost free...
JoJos Chillin!

He goes on, seat back up... inside if Jojos...
A little too much, he felt the.. is up
He said: stop sir! He looks like what?
He gave a big tip, then he head up to the bathroom
And when he got there, tell him hey, he got room
..she was .. from behind
..I ain't seen you with
..cause I gotta talk these
..told them ... to look warrior
When you get... take it to a ...
You don't want the alpha bad boys on call
So tell us to...
Jojo couple, old folks in the...
Seen the dog walking slow..
Turns out the dog sniffed out...
And Jo got away, it's how the story go!
JoJos Chillin!

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