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Lady (Remix)

You're my lady (Repeat 4X)

[Verse 1]
Don't think I don't see them looking at you
All of them wishing they could have you
And as a matter of fact, uh
A bunch of them are itchin' for you to scratch 'em
I'm tired of hiding what we feel
I'm trying to come with the real
And I'm gonna make it known
'Cause I want them to know

You're my lady
(You're my lady, yeah, yeah)
You're my lady
(You're, oh, oh, my baby, baby)
You're my lady
(Mighty fine, mighty fine lady)
You're my lady

[Verse 2]
You're my little baby (baby)
My darling baby (baby)
I swear you're the talk of the town
And everybody wants to know what's going down
Babe, I know they've seen us before
Maybe at the liquor store (Maybe at the liquor store)
Or maybe at the health food stand
They don't know that I'm your man

You're my lady
(You're my, you're my)
You're my lady
(Baby, you're my lady)
You're my lady
(Oh, mighty fine, mighty fine lady)
You're my lady (Yeah)
I can tell they're looking at us
You're my lady

I pick you up every day from your job
And every guy in the parking lot wants to rob me of my girl
And my heart and soul
And everybody wants to treat me so cold
But I know I love you and you love me
There's no other lover for you or me

[Rap: AZ]
Yeah, yo though I only page you occasional
I'm raising you other than those invading you
Pushing up persuading you
With conversations that consist of solicitation
False information, see I deal with sophistication
Shrimp and lobster style
You see me dressed up proper in crocodile
Crock awhile, I leave alone, unofficial is just not your style
My inner vision is this plush life living
Me escaping this inner city prison raping our women
Is causing havoc, breaking bonds that birth marriage
This Earth was once lavish, now it's cursed left for a savage
Mind, I tech mine, respect mine, let's connect projects
Lex, wet sex, and wine all the time
The Firm staff on the climb
Nas, the trio, D'Angelo and Primo
You know how we go
Firm affiliation, 9-6

You're my lady (Repeat 4X)
I can tell they're looking at us
You're my lady (Repeat 4X)
I can tell they're looking at us
You're my lady

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