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Lay My Organs

[Verse 1: Dizzy]
You already know
Gangsta music, you know how the gangsters do it
Bangers, exlcusive
Shankers and uzis
I got Maine in the booth
Wayne in the booth
Money on my mind, that mean I'm thinking of loot

[Verse 2: Mack Maine]
Shit, ain't it the truth
Money is the top prio-
"Money Over Murder," that's the title of my bio
We cop drops like it's part of the policy
This hardbody, baby, y'all softer than wallabies
So hush puppies, let the big dogs ride
Don't jump on that field when it's kickoff time

[Verse 3: Curren$y]
And I, fresher than the Frebreeze bottle
Coming at the shit full throttle
And I power ball like lotto
Do it with my eyes closed
You niggas is all soft, soft shell tacos

[Verse 4: Lil Wayne]
And eyes go deeper than pot holes
For that money, bet I'm running like a snot nose
No Kleenex
Dark shades, V-necks
Bitch, I ain't playing no recess
We reps YM, baby, that's that shit
And it's fuck the world like a nasty bitch

[Verse 5: Dizzy]
Fuck raps, I bust caps for snaps
I fuck white, I fuck blacks, I fuck Japs
Now what's hap?
I make stacks, ASAP
I take that from the safe and I replace that

[Verse 6: Lil Wayne]
Stay strapped
I stay low, stay back
The judge handing out L's like Pat Sajak
And I'm all about my team like an apex
My you niggas turn your seats into a Playtex

[Verse 7: Curren$y]
Yes, member of a fly society
Style, I got several varieties
As a child, this guy memorized "Scarface" in it's entirety
The 80s drug era inspired me
That's why I dress how I dress, walk how I walk
That's why I rep what I rep, talk how I talk
Two rope chains, both of them gold
With a gloat like I just came home

[Verse 8: Lil Wayne]
Flow touching the pedal in that F-5 yellow
Just moving through the city like blood in the vessel
I'm a fucking professional, so intellectual
It's Mr. Fat Stacks, my pockets got high cholesterol
I need vegetables, is weed vegetables?
I'm past commas, right now I'm seeing decimals

[Verse 9: Curren$y]
Step to you, the opposite of my environment
Out of all the dogs in the yard, I was the quietest
I had a little bark, I had a little bite
Was surrounded by niggas who snap and don't think twice
To kidnap your enemies, dress them up as Santa Claus and drop their bodies down their mamas' chimneys
Water to your kidneys
My class G like the Bendz G

[Verse 10: Mack Maine]
My truck waving and my rims speak
I got burners on my rear seat
See, I don't say too much, so if talking becomes part of the ballgame, money talk for me, yeah, my ends speak
Yeah, what you expect? I'm from the Hollygrove area
Where we see more redskins than Steve Spurrier
We know the clock ticking, so we planning hurry up offense
Hustling on the park bench, caution

[Verse 11: Lil Wayne]
The major bison of the boulevard
The barracuda, fighting off the fish and raw
Yeah, I get around like a business car
And you can see me everywhere but the prison yard
I'm on that sissy hard, and that kush tough
Weezy stay high, just look up

[Outro: Curren$y]
Shook up like a can of Coca-Cola that fell down five flights of stairs, man
Can't hide that you niggas so scared, man
Ahead of my time, I'm the already-there man

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