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Live From 405

Live from the five hundred and foit's Mr. crazy flow jumpin like a bungee no ropeeven in a dungeon i gloweven if it aint sunny i glowif aint bout money i gonowhere im nailed to the floormoney controls where i goit is the sail to my boatand it's goin down, it's goin down like theres a whale in the boatsee you can smell that i smokeoh yes i sip that lean you hit me wit that combination and make my eyes bleedim shark in the water yep i swim with the bigso i dont have time to deal with willie the squidL' L' lillie pad nigga L'look at the monstery'you dont wanna crash like la la labambasee it's me roni and terryand my new drop is verywatermelon plum call it fruit punchim a old rapper gettin new bucks and all you new rappers ya just new lunch[Live From 405 lyrics on]Flow sick so sick need a Doc yesA creature monster like the lochnessI gets hotter by the tock, before i sizzle to deathI just tell the clock give me secIn the middle of the war, where ma enemy at?Im runnin this bitch like Eric B enemy backcuz everytime I hit a track I'm like a energy pack, the instruments are cryin out where the sympathy at?If you bettin money baby him will be backWhatever legends look like, bitch im fin to be thatI walked right in hip hop, like where ma dinner be at?I ate that and I was like, where ma dinner be at?I hate that women lie so I lie to them backGot two bitches in my pants quiet neither them thatAlot of bitches want dick I give alot of them thatLets do a pill I could f**k you for a hour with thatand to the kids drugs kill im acknowledging thatbut when I'm on the drugs I dont have a problem with that.And ma niggas got guns the size of toddlers biotchand we aiming right at your f**kin collar biotch!

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