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Love Ain't Live

Z-Ro the Crooked, AKA King of Da Ghetto
Representing Assholes By Nature

I always been a soldier, but I never did look for no wars
I walk with God, but I still receive bruises and scars
Everybody was shitting on me, for no reason
Couldn't wait to get my money right, and finally get even
Remember when I pushed the canary colors, with a pocket full of lint
Booster cables was necessary, for everywhere I went
Sold dope for a minute, till my nigga start snitching
Guess they didn't wanna see a nigga, get money out the kitchen
'Fore my mama died (mama said), people gonna hate ya
Cause they can't do what you doing, cause they women wanna date ya
Be ready for it, it's gon happen all day long
If everybody got love for ya, you doing some'ing wrong
That's why I strive to please Z-Ro, keep my money on the low
Cause if my friends try to get me, they gotta go
You can hate me all you want, cause I'ma use it for my good
Thanks for helping me, to make it out the hood

[Hook: x2]
This one is to my real niggaz, that hate me every single day
Because of you, I make the world pay
Ain't got no love for nothing that got love for me, cause love ain't live
They don't love me, they love my nickels and dimes

Everytime I pray to God, I ask him to forgive me for all my flaws
But I'm paranoid, I can't keep my pistol out my drawas
Seem like everytime I move, somebody watching me
But still I continue to pay my dues, it ain't no stopping me
Till I'm satisfied, until then I'm left to ride till it's over
But I travel with no passengers, you can't ride if you ain't doja
I don't even trust myself, so where you think you stand with me
Fuck everybody, I feel like everybody out to get me
If it ain't so, tell me why I live like this
Po' than a motherfuckers, but I still give like I'm rich
I promise trying to make it to heaven, is hard as hell
Especially now, when all I receive is pictures and mail
Motherfuckers was plotting on me, just to get me out the way
You them ride or die niggaz, I use to fuck with everyday
I appreciate y'all, for turning your backs
Once I was alone, all my poverty turned into stacks

[Hook x2]

If you look me in my eyes, you will find no emotion
The reason why I pass my homies up, and keep on coasting
Cause life has been hard, and they ain't make it no better
Making a mockery out of Joseph McVey, for lack of cheddar
But now I make the world, pay me jewels and riches
Remember when I gave a fuck, about you niggaz and bitches
But when I was doing bad, I couldn't get up out the pit's hand
Couldn't even spend the night, when I didn't have a spot to live in
I barely had enough scratch, for a dime sack and a cigar
To the world, I was just another nothing ass nigga
But I made it out the ghetto, in the nick of time
Right before I let my Z-Ro haters, see me lose my mind
It's a different ball game, now I'm in the major leagues
No longer have to be dreaming, just to see me play with G's
I know my haters, can't stand me
Cause everyday they homeboys and homegirls jam me, I'm loving it

[Hook x2]

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