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All praise is due

To the Mac disciples
Fo' sho'

Let no bitch go unbroke

[ VERSE 1 ]
I'm from the corner of the Earth, a loc hood, a thug turf
Itty-bitty city where we all do dirt
Can't tell you 'bout 'beef', but yo, I sho' know 'funk'
When niggas slide up on ya, start the Must' and dump
See, I'm from a small town where the hogs is found
Hope the pigs don't squeal while I chase this mill
Won't be wearin Air Nikes, maybe gator boots
And kick the head off a lame bitch, about my loot
Now I ain't no pimp, Mall mo' Mac-nificient
Manipulatin master, hittin hoes like licks
I know your man ain't sauce like this
He can wear 10 Rolexes, that nigga still be a trick
While every word I bless you with
'll have you light-headed and make your puss wet
Gods gift to mackin, all y'all privileged
To get touched by the Messiah and bear witness
As a young crumbsnatcher I perfected the art
Control a woman through her mind and heart
And her body gon' follow
Little mama quick to grab the ??rallo??
And blast like it ain't no tomorrow
If I tell her, now you can have all the pussy you want
But when I ho get a mack in her life, she can't front
I bump a bitch from Donald Trump and have her smokin on blunts
She gettin my bread while I get crunked
I'm Mac-nificient

[ Hook ]
For the world to see
What the youngsters strive to be
For bosses and the ghetto elite
For the suckers to hate
For the fake that try to duplicate
But only those who know can relate
For my niggas who never had no chance
For my family doin years in the pen
I'm Mac-nificient
For all my niggas from the gutter
Keep it mackin, muthafucka, we ain't never goin under

[ VERSE 2 ]
You might catch me out in L.A. smokin on a pair of quajay
With a broad that like to go both ways
And down to do everything I say
It's major cool every time we parlay
Cause mayn, some real freaky shit take place
Like grindin in my Vee-doub, gettin major dick sucked
Doin 160, 'bout to bust me a big nut
The life that I lead
Fast money, fly bitches and weed
If you'se a player, then follow my lead
I teach you how to be coach
And not just a mark for a punk-rock ho
If you'se a ???? teach her how to be shob
Stand tall through it all
Plus stay on top, so next time you say 'game'
You better see me, Young Khomeiny
With a 100 carat mouth piece
Every line silky like a Taiwan weave
Ain't no tellin where you see me
With them felons, boy, poppin them p's
We mac-nificient

[ Hook ]

[ VERSE 3 ]
All praise is to the greatest
Mallennium keep em fascinated
Our part of game elevated, the shit you on is basic
Now you can be a dope dealer, a sick lick hitter
Big rap star or $5-ass nigga
A killer with nothin to lose
To a multi-millionnaire muthafucka shootin hoops
And still be a buster, you know how fools do
Quick to count on every route they choose
Then wonder why the bitch won't obey your rules
Suffer square snooze you lose
Could never walk a day in my shoes
I keep it in a Mac fashion, stickin to my own script
Gleamin like a fine-cut diamond

Aight come on, Fem

[ Hook ]

Yes sir
M-a-c y'all
Young M-a-c Mall
Boss game Ayatollah Khomeiny 535% proof
You know what I'm sayin?
Keepin this shit Mac-nificient
Everybody ain't able, mayn
Please believe, nephew

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