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Make It Rain (New Verse) (Live)

And My Grill Is I'll
Ice Bright White Light Galil
Did I Do That
Throwin Up Signs
Like I'm In A Frat
Eagle Street Bitch
See Me When Ya Wanna
Sign Me As The Owner
Them Yellow Diamonds Lookin Like A Fridge Full Of Corronas
Ya See Through Like Cubic Zercoinia
And Me I Keep I Funky Like Pubic Aroma
Hit Em With The Glock
Put Em In A Coma
Now What That Boy Got Uhh Glockoma
My Weed Is Stronga
I Smell Grape
I Like Promethozine
I'm In A Snail Race
My Watch Reminds Me Of 88
Because It's Got Crack Rocks As The F*ckin Face
Bitches Stick To Me Like Skotch Tape
Plenty Colors In The Chain Nigga F*ck Bape
Yeah, And I'm Kold Like Upstate
So Icy Like A Muthafukcin Cup Cake
And All The Bitches Feel My Feung Shwei
Biches Wanna Eat Me Alive
I'll Be Her Entree

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