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Melting the Crown Intro

[Verse 1: Z-RO]
Uh, tell me whats going on
We can’t all have bricks
Somebody gotta have a stone
Tell the truth ya’ll fellas just making songs
How the fuck you got a trap if you ain't even got a home
They claiming they king a ruler
They claiming they Big Meech
How the fuck is that
When they people be nibbling while they eat
We want all that, we want all this
My nigga we gone get all these
Name brand everything on my body
We ain't fucking with tall tees
If I’m driving, we all driving
If I’m fucking, we all fucking
If I’m beefing, we all beefing
So if I’m dumping, then we all dumping
This my world and I’m king homie
Got a kilo gram in my ring homie
Im riding dirty but I'm clean homie
Your bitch is stupid if she ain't up on me
Want war or nothing I don’t need a loan
The TV screen is what you see me on
Treble died getting my young geezy on
5-k’s one niggas I leave alone
Homie where that jag at
The one that you was rapping bout
And where 'em Louie bags at
The ones you get them stacks up out
I got all original
The ones you was asking bout
Can’t see my shit with a pair binoculars
A telescope plus your glasses out
I ain't trying to hear it if it ain't about no bread
Matter of fact if it ain't fifty thousand
Ain't getting out of my bed, enough said
Go to the shooting range for what
I don’t waste bullets on nothing
They just for brains and guts
Since I’m pimping homie
You can rent an amazing slut
Do whatever you want to do to that ho long as you pay the slut
They say the blacker the berry
Then the sweeter the juice
But I’m from a street military
I chop down trees at the root
Ain't nothing sweet about this fruit
You can take one bite of this and you dead
Niggas can be kin to me and fuck over me
I put a halo over your head
Right after they give me dap like a motherfucker
Now they wanna hit me with the strap like a motherfucker
Murder me for just over a stack like a motherfucker
Never face to face
Its from the back like a motherfucker
Wanna go to heaven but you're scared to die
My wings spread eagle fashion
I’m prepared to fly
Whoever says Z-ro is not the truth they said a lie
They got a lot to shit to say
Why not just say it right now
Third ward everyday all in the bottom trying to find ya
Tough talking turn to plea bargain
And when I’m right behind ya
Respect me and only got never respect a vagina
You smelling like a pussy my nigga
You need a douche
I’m riding billy bitch you buy a sip or need a push
I got a real trave paw I let you hustle out the bush
Buying forty dollar wholesales you a motherfucking smoker
We laughing at you, you just a forty year old joker
I’m screwed-up clique, South Park coalition
And the killer clan
Not glorifyin' murder
But I really know how it feel to kill a man
But I don’t wanna kill again
But I won’t hesitate to leave ya breathless
Since they say Houston what that must make me Texas
Mother fuckers wanna see me die
Mother fuckers should have known by now
(I’m un-mother fucking-stoppable)
I can’t be stopped and they just don’t know why
Mother fuckers should have known by now
(I’m un-mother fucking-stoppable)
Wonder why they can’t get a piece of the pie
Mother fuckers should have known by now
(Im un-mother fucking-stoppable)
To tell the truth I’m just a hell of a guy
Mother fuckers should have known by now
(I’m un-mother fucking-stoppable)

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