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Mic Check 1,2

Mic Check 1,2 1,2 testingLive 2 I'm On(Can You Hear Me?)Young Carter Hot WaterI'm The New World Order Go To War Like Pearl HarborWelcome Yall 2 The Barber ShopGet Your F**kin Head ChoppedTo Hell Iz Where I'll Send A ManLike A Box Of Red HotsI Call My Bullets PatroneCuz They Say Head ShotsDang I Got All These Ice On[Mic Check 1,2 lyrics on]How Come My Sled Stopped?I'm Like An AvalancheBetter Call The AmbulanceThe Pockets Of My Pantz And HandzCheese No Camera ManPlz No Man Can StandIn These 7 And A HalfsI Stand Taller Then GiraffesSomeone Get That Man A RaftHe's DrowningDrowning In My ParagraphsFly Shit Like A Parots Ass(Can You Hear Me?)

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