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They say baby how you do it?
Never quittion greatness
Never question greatness
Tell 'em never question greatness
I just do it
I'm so high I feel weightless
All my shooters are courageous

Ain't a moment 'till I make it
It ain't a monent 'till I make it
Have my cake and eat it to, I want a bakery
And say lately
All I've been doin' is celebratin'
Don't even know what I'm celebratin'
I know why you ain't celebratin', cause you ain't sellin' nothin'
I got niggas catchin' cases, while we out here catchin' breaks
And I'm gon' shoot it if I wave it, shoot it if I wave it
Do yourself a favor, save yourself cause I can't save yah

Know you see me in that Rolls Royce, glass house, that nigga, hands down
No givin' up, no layin' down, all red, ant pile
My oldest son just turned five, I said "Lil nigga, you a man now"
Ride around with that strap out cause that Rolls Royce, glass house
I just got a text that said "Baby I just cashed out"
Wack weed get ashed out, put Persian rugs in the crack house
All y'all that lashed out, I'll come see what that's 'bout
But you don't need to call the fireman, to put a mothafuckin' match out
I can't remember my last drought, all my niggas' smashmouth
Got pure coke, brand new birds, we get 'em as soon as they hatch, slime
And you know the driveway too big when you ain't gotta back out
Paper chase like cat mouse, my nigga it

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