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Money Talk

Broadway, Turn my headphones up!
It's Buck!

I got my face on the newspaper
You bought me some new haters
Smoking on new flavors
Im walking in new gators
All of these dudes haters
All of their bitches love us
Every TGIFriday's all they do is discuss us
Used to stay in the projects, the bitch got a job though
Lisa playing numbers thinkin she gon hit lotto
Domonique dont speak, she a model
But her best friend a freak and she swallow
Tw-Twerk Ho (Twerk sum) Twerk Ho! Ask your baby daddy what he buy the work for
Pam gotta condo, and we got a bond tho
Somethin bout Gloria, her family mexicano!
What you know bout meetin the plug at McDonalds?
White bricks when you rip back the vinyl. (Uhhh)

[Hook:]Jump ball bitch! This the finals. We can win and put the bullshit behind us
Either love me or leave me alone (Twerk sum bitch)
Either love me or leave me alone (Twerk sum bitch)
You can get it or you can be gone (Twerk sum)
You can get it or you can be gone
Now be quiet and let the money talk

Hey lil buddy excurse me how can ya'll refurse me
Im jumpin back, turnin one into two, now where that money at
Them ain't no real diamonds boy what you doin with that
Hit you with this choppa nigga ain't no comin back (brrap)
Soon as I shot him, watched the devil snatch the soul up out him
This nigga was a killa wasn't no ho about him
I'm rich on it, like im in that trunk memphis shit?
Gettin lit wit some niggas that im in prison with (AYYE)
Yeah, reportin live from behind bars
In my cell with a mic shout out to the gaurds (uhh)
Doin push ups on the prison yard, ain't bout no fuckin games and these niggas know it
Got your bitch on my busy list, I love her for it
Got her out there buyin shit she never could afford


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