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Murda Call

i aint got time to kill ya, i let them do it
hide behind the brick walls; bullets go through it
they shootin outta buicks, ridin out in benz's
leavin no witness, mind ya own buisness
home invasions, alarms get cut
the house goes dark but the sparks light up like *bah*
did you get the yayo now? lets do this shit quick 5 minutes in and out
throwin gas er where, light a match, let it burn
when i see it on the news, then i know that its confirmed
im the picture, throwin money on ya niggas head
ima get cha, before ya fly home you'll be dead
infrare-blue light, no infrared
and i keep ma shoes tight, even when i go to bed
war's no fun if the enemy run, i may not kill em all but im hittin anyone

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Date Added: 2009-01-16
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