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My Name Is

my name is weezy
im almost perfect
and i work harder
than hard workin
i saw a circus
thats when my boy surfaced
there for i act a clown
even when im layin on my back
im never backin down
so over stand me
i gotta condo in miami
and my doormat is always sandy
and i run louisiana
but i never pulled a hammy
and i got a condo in atlanta
and i always wear a bandana
and when it comes down to stuntin
you boys just frontin
and im swingin for the fence
your girl hangin from a dick
your girl singin to my shit
like lalalalalollipop
she say i get that pussey wetter than a dasani shop
she say i get that pussey better than i gionocologist
hold dis
txt me and ?????????????????
whole dick
old bitch
young bitch
but ill be like damnnnnnnn
all i got is one dick
ive got to be unstoppable
ive got to be unstoppable

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