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My Reality

[Intro: Lil Wayne]
Ayo Tim, I like this
I told you I’m on some other shit
Check it

[Hook: Lil Wayne x3]
My reality is bigger than your dreams are
Got your dream girl riding in your dream car
She wants me, she wants me
Plus I got it all
Bitch tell me what you don't see

[Verse 1: Lil Wayne]
I got 25 lighters on my dresser
Got the girl and a girl to undress her
My guitar strap is leather
My life is better than ever
I got women all up in my condo
And my drug dealer comes pronto
Got a registered pistol in the console
So, so, don't try me now
Don't try me now (now)

[Verse 2: Gudda Gudda]
Yeah just riding feeling lovely
You can hate but your girlfriend loves me
Yeah I'm too G like a Gucci belt
Hot Gudda baby girl, I can make your coochie melt
I keep your lady wet like she took a dip
And if you looking for her, you can follow the drip
I'm slick like Rick, the ladies pulling my wrist
I just walk in the spot and out with my pick
I'm gone like a trip with a nice thick redbone
On the phone getting head, call it headphone
Pimping all over like Ludacris
These hoes love me, I'm wanted like a fugitive
(hahaha, yeah)

[Hook:Lil Wayne]x2

[Bridge: Lil Wayne]
What do you not see? You must be blind

[Hook: Lil Wayne]

[Verse 3:Mack Maine]
What you need, contacts?
Tell me what you don’t see
What you can’t tell, I’m everything that he won’t be
Talking about your boyfriend, bitch you need a man friend
Even when you ain’t sittin' down you can’t stand him
Dirty dick bandit, luxury car whipper
Crib on Dolphin Island, backyard full of flippers
This is my reality, your man just be dreamin’
Wake up in the morning, bedsheets full of semen
I mean he’s wet dreaming, while me I really do it
Coulda, shoulda, woulda, baby girl you shoulda knew it
And fuck the paparazzi, I don’t ever kiss and tell
I’ll be your genie out the lamp or your wishing well
I’ll be your fishing pail and you can be my yacht buddy
Take you from A-Z, I’ll connect the dots hunny
Day viewers got money, baby cause I got money
I like it the B-5050, what you got for me?
It could be some bread, nah it ain’t gotta be cash
I’ll take a little head or I’ll take a lotta ass
I’ll take a friend or two, we can have a 3D weedy
I could toss you a Gudda Gudda or Lil Weezy, Weezy
Or my nigga Peedy Weedy, or my nigga Tity Tity
Fuck you on the hood of red strip and green Lamborghini
Go head and take this x-pill, that there buck you up
Probably have you walking round like “Damn, what the fuck”
Lady in streets but in the sheets girl you such a slut
Smash you on a top bunk, that’s a banger uppercut
And everyday we do brunch, everyday we do lunch
You do me, I do you
Baby we could do us and I ain’t gotta say no more
I don’t talk too much
Thus far, phew I feel like I’ve been trying to sell a car
Is you buying?

[Outro:Lil Wayne]
Haa, cause I ain’t got no time for a test drive
Do you want to go with me to the final frontier?
Don’t you see, I have everything but fear
This is not a dream, no this is real

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