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[Verse 1]
They're always charismatic, and they'll turn up the charm
Their words do something magic saying no is really hard
They're over-generous, you'll never pay the bills
They'll fall in love in seconds, die for you or probably kill

(Ooh-ooh) And after six months, you'll feel really stupid
(Ooh-ooh) I promise that it's not your fault you fell for it

'Cause one little fight breaks into war
Feels like you're dying on a bathroom floor
You'll make an excuse, they'll say that it's you
And the mirror's telling you it's true
Won't leave, can't stay, how much are you gonna take?
'Cause you'll always get the blame
It feels like shit, but that's just how it is
When you love a narcissist
[Verse 2]
So if you're feeling crazy, I wouldn't be surprised

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Date Added: 2022-08-09
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