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Never Get It

hat to the front lookin like i'm lightin up a bag for a blunt, i'm stickin to the script trynna kick it like a punt, my life is like a movie and i do my own stunts, i could ***** junior call me young baby, could've been a killa but cash money saved me, remember i was little but the cash money made me, big dog bitch no trap no lady, young ass nigga had a thang for old ladies, but as i got older i began to like them younger, to heaven is where i wander but when she was under she say daddy-day-daddy-day-daddy-day-daddy-day daddy they can't do it like you can, i get chips like vegas and now u got a blue man, too much ice on my wrist and now i got a blue hand, and if i sing prostitute she gon' need some new pants and if i sing pussy monster she gon' need a new man, hello world i would like you all to meet me her new man, her vibe is still talkin my summers like susan and hustle everyday, everyday, everyday, everyday, everyday i'm hustlin fillin up my cup again, wheres that purple stuff again, i cant get enough of it, point me in a direction of a swish and i'm definite, sip that purple stuff again i'm on some same color shit, after you do wayne it's time to do wayne's brothers bitch, i get money like a fuckin wayne *** bitch, i get cool wit gorillas and still wait for the
[Never Get It Lyrics On ]rattlesnakes, and the jakes, and the fakes, and the hate, interstae 10 no cops in sight and i'm comin back wit a whole flock tonight, lord, don't let me get stopped tonight, or i'ma have to shoot it out wit the cops tonight i swear, and tell the jack boys not tonight, cuz i ain't N-sync but i will pop tonight, ya thats right if you aint got that price then go that away that away we can't even negotiate, big money heavyweight on my way to heaven's gates hope that be the open gates, flow so appropi-ate don't associate me with the bull shit, one wish i wish a mothafucka would trip, like an engine i could from under the hood bitch, but now a nigga gettin paper like a booklet, they aint honk ya wit it, but i took it and now they never get it, never get it, never get it,never get it, never get it back, ya thats my word, bling bling in the dictionary ya thats my word, and for me ja rule may be just like herbs, time to stagger through the hood just to kiss my curb, cuz i love that block nigga eagle and apple, o g's, young g's, heaters and barrels, but god found me like a needle in a barrel and i'm so ready for war cuz i'ma jesus for the battle, money on my mind thats all i think of, married to the game neva takin my robe off, m.o.b. ya thats my theme song, smokin two l's rockin bells like ding dong, hehe, ya i got my wings on, flyer than the rest i don't rest i keep goin, i just I G nore 'em, like anyway, anyway, anyway, anyway, anyway it go i'ma get dough, and i should see the top to where i'm climbin this pole, a nigga wit a flu ain't climbin this pole, and nigga i'm hotta than the fire in a hole, steppin out ma shower like a lion in a robe, eyein these hoes, i am in ma hoes, der surp purp sure, lets elevate and get away celebrate and neva hate, dedicate this to the blue eyes and blonde hair, i'm on top of my green like a lawn chair, don't worry i'm striaght like arm hair don't worry i'm straight like combed hair, this world fucked ma pops and i was born here, from a cell to a jet call it con air, i told ma niggas that we will see better days, yesterday and todays a better day celebrate
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