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New Years Cake

I guess yall love me again
These R&B bitches wanna come f*ck me again
They Like "Damn buck, where the f*ck have you been?"
Im at the bank, can't pull out, what you ain't put in
Nigga ya think i ain't livin, im enjoying this feelin, im rollin no ceiling pealin off 4 million
Im pullin up at drama studio in the A, im like cannon cut the mic on i got something to say
Niggas was burring me alive, DJ's was runnin away, and to this day thats the reason why im touchin the yay
Been to the pen and back, nigga now why the f*ck ima play, when i just seen a nigga get stabbed for a milk and a tray, Okay
You all dont know how hard it is to keep 50 calm, if it wasn't for me nigga, you would miss ya mom, imagine a soldier talkin to the f*ckin don, sayin thats enough cuz, the war is won
Im 60 minutes and 2 clips away from killin yall, walkin with two 40 Glocks, and lenox mob
I brought the new year in last night with Jeezy
But big meech ain't here so we both feel uneasy
I'm on some hold your head up Bobby Shmurda shit
I'm on some St.Louis Mike Brown murder shit
And ya'll just worried bout the next pair of jordans
I'm in this project closet recording (What you do)
When yo daddy bagging pounds and yo mama goin scorin
Ya brother got bricks yo sister got these hoes hoein
Im in the kitchen breaking down grams as we speak
Looking at my self on MTV jams of the week

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