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Nothing Can Stop Me

[Verse 1: Lil Wayne]
Im a G till end
The end of the road
Look back in the kitchen at the end of the stove
Hey T, looks like we at the end of the O
Choppa 4 in a 20 ounce of Carter 24
Yes sir (Cinema)

You sit on 24s
And we sip on 24s
Head is sittin on a pair of gucci pennyloafs
Yea i get money fuck with bitches that get me more
Now, you know the game same shit different hoes
(See what you know about DJ Cinema: presents Mardi Gras)

[Verse 2]
Who cut the ears and the tail off Mickey Mouse
Never been a rat never had him in the house
Call me captain kangaroo, i got money in my pouch
I don't mean loose change when I say money in the couch

Yea we put the drinks down we pick the two's up
You have a dude tripping? we hit dude up
You ain't shit if you ain't never been screwed up
(you ain't shit if you ain't never been screwed up)

Target practice baby
Only thing is Im not the shooter I'm the bullet, Bitch!

[Verse 3]
Weezy fuckin' baby, get em a leash
Young Money, Dipset, you better believe
That gun got me walking like i got irregular knees
I be all over that bread like sesame seeds
Automatic with the money like reggie for 3
Big birds no sesame street
Bitch I'm too clean they ain't messing with me
I'm just tryna see my decimals peek
These niggas lighter than some vegetable meat
These niggas just sweet like a Tahitian treat
Ok they say I'm full of hot air then i release the heat
Spill a nigga from his teeth defeat
You know what im talking bout, you know what i mean?
Like kick the sneak
I go dollar for dollar, week for week
Yea birdman say you niggas is bitches
So that mean you niggas is bitches and me im the

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