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Orgasmic Tears




What's up?

(softly) Sup?

I've been thinking about you all night now. Are you ready for this?

(softly) Yeah

You sure?

(softly) Yeah

You sure?

(softly) Mhm-huh


[Verse 1]
Girl, you taste like summers rain, I must say
It's like the hunger games on your frame
No more stomach pains, I'm amazed
Take off that lingerie, right away
I want to, make you scream
Baby please, let me please
Everything, from your back to your knees
And your neck to your feet
Rub my hands on your hips
And my lips on your cheek
Feel you wet, underneath
Let me drink from your seed
And make you cry
You feel alive
I'll do enough to make sure both your eyes fill with water from inside
Until you dry
And have you looking back at me saying things like

I only see one thing you, in this world that I need
No [?] in front of me
Because it feels so lovely
Why don't you let it be?

[Verse 2]
Let it be, let it be
Baby let it be, you're crying because it feel good after having sex with me
Girl I left is texting me
Let's take a selfie please?
Drug love, send it to her
Cuz I want my ex to see what she missed
When we kissing, got you dripping from your vision
Baby listen
No intermissions from the shower to the bed
Then into the kitchen Future sang
Your eyes timberlakes, cry rivers
I'm going fishin'
Leave your inhibitions in submission
Sippin' on your liquid in love
Passion, eyes looking tantric
Gasping for air, toes curling, orgasmic
Damn girl


[Verse 3]
Let it be, baby let it be
Yeah I let you sleep but now it's time for round 3
Hair pulling, nails digging in my back, wildly
Then you tell me that you love me
And I'm thinking how sweet
This our first time
You shaking like this is your first crime (first crime)
You make it looking like your my first wife
Never been married, I will carry you to happiness
And after this, we can start a family

(sex noises)

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