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P for Piru (take it to the head remix)

(Intro:Lil Wayne)
That P on my hat is for piru
That P on my hat is for piru
That P on my hat is for piru

(Verse 1: Birdman)
Just a third ward gangsta, been filthy , top ranker
Hustler, shot caller
Kill 'em all, keep banking
Big mansions on the island
Popping shots out the bottle
Spending cause we’re winning
Five star, money, and power!
Hunting while we stunting (Bitch), triggerman hood rich
Built on some solid shit, bad bitch born rich
Chandelier (Shit), marble full of bricks
Turn water into wine, hit your set and paint that bitch
O-O-Out the Bentley with them doves, stashes for the plug
Green and red bottom, throwing hundreds in the club
Bossing on the shine, we the niggas running shit
Blood to blood-line, pearl white black tints
Head light, red light, spend them at the green light
Flash light, fast life, hit 'em for a cheap price
Uptown swagger life, living like we live it twice
Point blank aim (Nigga), give ah fuck about the price

[Hook:Lil Wayne ]
Got a silencer on the gun, that bitch go “pu”
Got a silencer on the gun, that bitch go “pu”
Got a silencer on the gun, that bitch go “pu”
Got a mean ass swagga, my bitches do too

[Verse 2: Lil Wayne]
Reputation for tastin’
I’m killin’ ‘em hoes like Jason
Girl that pussy like medication to patients
Got my eyes closed, like Asian persuasion
Fuck with me baby, it’s Tunechi baby
Buss a nut, smoke a blunt, now I’m rejuvenated
With all that pink on, bitch I’m king kong
I eat her ice cream... Pop a pill and pop that pussy
I bet you tunechi make her throw away that silver bullet
And she kiss me on my neck and she kiss me on my chest
And then she… eat my ice cream cone...

[Verse 3: Rick Ross]
Reputation for Gs; thats the role of a boss
So amazing to see, black baguettes in my watch
She say love is for free, just expensive to shop
But its nothing to me, that extends from my block
I got a lot of figures, I’m a father figure
She know a lot of niggas, don’t know a hotter nigga
Come to the winners circle, a lot of men will hurt you
But I’m here to nurture, I wanna take you further
She got all them purses, I say in my verses
YSL and Hermes and barely scratch the surface
She know on purpose, as I peel the curtains
I always make her nervous, this record’s perfect

(ending Lil Wayne)
And it's .. party time excellent waynes world
Party time excellent Waynes world
Tonight im probably fucking another niggas girl
Party time excellent Waynes world

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