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Pick n Roll

Menace to society, weapon on the side of me
Spill a nigga blood on the side of these streets
Like it came with the property, im sick with the piece
Headshots like photography, say cheese. Wayne!

I come from where niggas die in the morning
The killers ride at night fuck the cops and informants
And I never love the bitch, i only love the moments
Shit, im all about the Bills like Thurman Thomas

Niggas bleed just like us, Biggie said it best
So picture me being scared of nigga made of flesh (never)
Money, Drugs, Sex, Yes, Murder, death,
Police got a full court press

I release like fumes from a jet
Dont worry I will be there soon Im on a jet
Just watching cartoons on a jet
Ears dont even pop, Im immune to the jet. Yep
(instrumental plays)
So how you like a nigga now, Wipe a nigga down
I only be with sharks, its like a nigga drowned
Powder in the park, dope in the town
My sharks trying to find a nigga floating around

Money talks, bullshit walks
A thousand miles up the road get lost
Big Porsche, big pipes exhaust
Big booty bitch lookin something like a horse

Big body bent with the air on defrost
Im fly like a wasp
I shine like gloss, Clean like floss
And i dont have to floss
I just wipe my teeth with a jewelry cleaning cloth

I tell niggas meet the metal
Beef gets settled quickly
Feet to peddle, Im gone
160 police gon catch who?
I treat the Porsche like a rental, abuse

Put it in the air like balloons
Me and elz blues brothers
Ima play belushi, modern day pacino
But this is not a movie
But i do watch movies in my jacuzzi

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