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Real Things

Real niggas do real things

(Verse 1)
Money on my chain alot of carats in my ring
Real niggas do real things
Alot of money in my bag alot of diamonds in my ring
Poured up you know I take it over Minnesota
Shoutouts to the west side we're brown like Coca Cola's
Stay with the stress like TI is going down
They say soulja boy took over
I know why I hussle hard
Every night I pull up we flexin'
Your girl on this is nothing
We're stuntin', I pull up press and bluntin
Lamborghini flash green ,I swear to God that's nothing
I'm blowing on this lot they know I came from the country
A hundred million dollars they never thought I see
Real last nigga, they never though I'd be
May pay, chopper switchblade
Like 1995 I'm riding on 28

Real niggas do real things (x8)

(Verse 2)
To keep this shit G get it understood
I put 250 thousand dollars in the hood
I bought so many guns, I bought so much drugs
I bought a whole hood rims whole hood love
Pulled up, and my pocket's on sumo
Bustin down bricks with my hand call it judo
My mama side red but my daddy side blue though
Pull up I'm flexin' ye I made it rang
50 on my chain another 50 on my ring
20 in my ears , I tatted my tears
Grind through the city and I feel like this my year
I'm bossed up I'm bossed in I'm cake in I tossed up
This mula, this money, this cash nothing funny
Our cake gettin' power your girl want a shower
She hop in the shower , we fuck for an hour
I do this for real , all you haters devour
Cowards, flexin' big dump trucks on
Parelies and fagiatos so to settle
You pussy niggas ain't really ready
Came out the water like armageddon
I'm getting money, I'm toeing hammers
Tone canes with them things
Throw some clips you know ain't never
Soulja tell ‘em I flex , Gucci on my rims
Next year I'm outta here I'm flexin with the 10
I stay doin' what I do I represent for my crew
If you pussy ass niggers ain't know, well now you knew

Real niggas do real things (x8)

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