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Ridin' The Whip

[Verse 1: Blaze]
I ride cadillacs real hood switches on the fleetwood
Throw ham oh man grip it like you should
Slidin' over to the curb and I pancake
Hoes booty shake to the window like it's payday
Kick it like pelee and I'm out... okay
Ridin' three wheel motion with the homies KMK
From LA to Motown I ride with the assed out
Bumpin' so low it be scrapin on the ground

[Verse 2: Daddy X]
I got my ses I'm hittin more bounce to the ounce
King of the jungle with the lifted truck and boomin' sound
I come dippin' through sippin' on a cold brew
Fire up a spliff and I'm singin' out whooty hoo

(Ridin' the whip)
Chrome by, slow ride low

[Verse 3: D-Loc]
Fresh new paint and you know it's lookin good
Candy coated with the flake got D-loc on the hood
Woodgrain wit a stain got the navi in the dash
I'm a hot boy with the money bag
TV screens in the back you can see it when it drags
When you hear the SSHHHH I let the air out the bags
Peanutbutter with the jam got strawberry shake
Got the khaki tan yo I do it cause I can

[Verse 4: Johnny Richter]
I got my sunroof open windows are bangin'
Cause I don't give a fuck burnin
That og kush can't no one look
Cause the tint on my truck it's dark as night
Pass me the light I'm 'bout to ignite
Another bowl in my pipe get high and enjoy the ride


[Verse 5: Dirtball]
Crack a window hit the endo
Let the wind blow never gettin out
Pull base outta the wind duck down drop to the ground
All up on the creep I'mma tip-toe
Mosberg spreadin' around automatic blasts
For the motherfucker that be goin again
So we gon do it with a long throw
Better beware when you hear the beat go BOOOOOOOM

[Verse 6: Blaze]
I pet that switch perp goes on to the pavement
Bump up and down now it's doin' the same shit
Pop and I won't quit ridin' the whip
Sittin' at the stop sign and I'm bouncin' this bitch


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