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Rollin' On Swangaz

Chuuch chuuch (yeah), ay...

[Chris Ward:]
Now what you know, bout those Texan wire wheels
So clean on the scene, we make haters stop drop and roll like it`s a fire drill
Pimp C told you, that us Texas boys fly and trill
Screwed Up Clicksters, we keep it hood and ride for scrill
Glance at the roof top, it`s transformatic time baby
Blink twice, now it`s panoramic time baby
Take a good glimpse, you see them stars in the night
Now take another one, cause we them stars in the night
Swang left then turn a right, wide circle then run alight
I`m out of sight out of mind, you already know where my gun is right
I got them diamonds, pressing up against the wood grain steering
They glaring like the paint, so them jazzy bops is staring
Yeah they calling my issue pound, apple express way
A three and a pound apple crush, helps me express in the best way
So yeah I`m leaning, off a hundred worth of that mud
I`m golden, I`m holding in the place they see dot Dub

I`m rolling on swangas, and smoking that good
One hundred dollas worth of drank up in my cup, it tastes so good
The jack boys watching me, but I really wish they would
Hell yeah I`m a playa, but don`t get it misunderstood
Cause I`m rolling on swangas, and I`m looking so fly
All the women break they neck, watching me as I pass by
And you can do it too, if that`s really what you feel
Just hit up www.texanwirewheels

No one on the corner, got swangas like us
We don`t do regular wheels, not even if it`s a truck
Yeah they free for me, for you they gon` cost a couple bucks
So if you po` hustling dog, you best to get your hustle up
I got swangas on my van, and swangas on my 300
And whichever one I`m in, you better believe I`m so blunted
I might be 8-7-3-2, down to flo` in a pair of gators
Dickie top Dickie bottom, and a fresh pair of Chuck Taylors
Either way it go I`m so clean, and all of my diamonds bling bling
One deep for life, if you ain`t a weapon then you ain`t riding with me
And I only believe half of what I see, and none of what I hear
Addicted to promethazyne with coedine, what the hell is a beer
We don`t drink that over here, cause that`s a no-no
I never tasted a Corona, but I can tell you all about that drank and that doe-doe
First the fresh meat then a yellow stripe, then a white wall
And that`s why your woman head, go up and down all night dog


I`m a gangsta, by any means necessary
I won`t be making love to your lil` Jodeci, I`m a be doing you to Street Military baby
So hood, I might put swangas on a Mercedes baby
And my ride so clean, I know you wanna have my baby baby
Thinking you gon` take something from me, you must be crazy
Cause this gun I`m packing, is way bigger than your 3-80
And I ain`t a killer, but please don`t push me baby
Cause real homies, know glocks don`t have a safety baby
I`m a legend in this game, I know you heard of me
Z-Ro the Crooked, I`ll turn a peaceful place into a murder scene
My love is for the money, it damn sho` ain`t for these hoes
And I can`t forget about cars and clothes, that`s all I know
As soon as a broad commit, she on her way back out the do`
Since I`m a pimp, I don`t want the booty all I want is that do`
Girl drop it off to daddy, then go out and get some mo`
And bring it to 3rd Coast Customs, the realest homies I know


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