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Santa Fe [Unreleased]

[Verse 1]
I see shit in the LA sky
LA nights getting too damn high
Codeine in my blood, mud in my Sprite
Nicotine and the bud and the LA lights
Fuck all that shit about your human rights
Imma make it real clear, shit black and white
I don't want to see your face in my line of sight
Ol boy tryna stunt on me? It don't happen
Couple Benji's stashed in that mattress
Told her back it up she ass backwards
Told her Imma bring her back to my address
Told her she can have a sip of my Actav'
She gon' smoke on weed and then she gon' ash it
Told her girl, don't be gettin' distracted
Boy I pull up up with your whore
That voodoo good so I roll that
Thirteen blunts boy I smoke it
Thirteen life boy I know it
Throw four in it when I'm feelin Whitney
All this drinking is killing my kidneys
All this sip I'm sip'n gon' kill me
And motherfuckers walkin' if they ain't ridin' with me
Teeth shine in my mouth
Bad bitches all in my couch
You know it's foreign when I back out
Hit 'em with the woo-wap, she black out
Boy I done drank so much I passed out
Hoes fall asleep and all they ass' out
Boy I done drank so much I passed out
Woke up in the spot Imma cash out

I see shit in the LA sky (x4)
No ohp


Santa Fe (x5)

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