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[Hook: Mibbs, Like, & TiRon]
She hugs and kisses, loves attention
You know how she gets down
Loves that money, honey can't get enough
That's why she (shake that, shake that)
Shake that baby (go 'head shake that, shake that)
Shake that baby (sh-sh-she's got to have it)

[Verse 1: Like]
Baby got the Gucci on the frames, Fendi on the shoulder
She hang around the rappers, she kick it with the rollers
She addicted to the light, you would swear she was the solar
System on bang while she dipping in the Rover
I was sipping on a soda when I first seen her roll up
Car pull right behind her, parking at the diner
Strutting down the aisle, everybody stopped to eye her
I'm peeping in the cut with thoughts to get in that vagina
Simple old me, tried to pimp it on she
But damn she ain't having that
She wanna see my crib on TV with a couple Humvees
And then I might have a chance, but wait, wait
A couple weeks passed, I had stopped to get gas
Heard a voice to my left, she was talking real fast
High-pitched was her tone, smiled at me then she asked
"Ain't you in that one group?"
I looked at her and laughed, hit the gas!


[Verse 2: BeYoung]
I was treated like a dirtbag, growing up
Everything that they used to do, was cold as fuck
All I had was my dreams of, blowing up
Couldn't really do shit so I, soaked it up
Played my part, seen girls hate on me like it was an art
I tried to play it smart
Why the baby hair have niggas always throw they heart
I played the role of sucka hoping for the chance to spark
A convo, now it's like "Bravo!"
Everywhere that I go
It's like I struck the lotto
They throw the gato at me
They used to call me nappy
Now they bring they homegirls, hoping they can tag me
On some take one, get the other free shit
Let me cook for you, let me spend the weekend
Falling in love with you
Let me show you everything that I love to do
Say what?


[Verse 3: Mibbs]
I wonder how she moved in that tight ass room
Sweating out her weave and her cheap perfume
She hotter than the sun, I can be her moon
And when the night is done, my house'll be her tomb
Soon we'll go together like spinal cords and car seats
Or kind of like my words and hard beats
She whispered in my ear she's an artist
But I ain't trying to hear all that, straight to the bar please
We at the bar and she asked to see my car keys
I'm like "Why?" and this was her reply:
"I ain't fucking with guys unless they drive
Nothing less than a 6, or a 745
You ain't willing to trick? I'mma play you to the side
So if you ain't rich, might as well not even try"
Sigh...I asked the bartender for my card back
"Sorry I'm not that dude, I'mma fall back."


[Outro: Like]
Pac Div, Cook, what's good?
This beat right here
Make a nigga wanna start singing some shit like:
She think she can have what she want
Get what she want, take what she want
But you ain't getting shit from me
Nothing from me
Cause I ain't lying
We here grinding
And you wasting time
And I could give a fuck if you's a dime

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