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[Verse 1: Mibbs]
Let the champs hold the title
Truth like I got my right hand on the Bible
Saw us change over from your boys to your idols
Watch us take over like the fourth quarter Michael
No bullshit spoken from the pulpit
The game needs fixing and I'm the tool kit
Granddaddy purpin' that bubble kush shit
Got me feeling like I walked in Bob Marley's footprints
One love, but no trickin' over here
She lucky if she get a piece of chicken over here
Them thirsty ass bitches twitpic-in' over here
And I don't care if you Video Vixen of the year

I'mma shine with my niggas
Grind with my niggas
Get it all the time with my niggas
Ride with my niggas
Said [x3]

[Verse 2: Like]
Ralph Lauren denim, Jordan 3 Retros
Why you gassed up, we don't ever need Petro
Rollin' up gecko, cooler than ecto
Everywhere we at them girls follow like echoes
Homie you funny, why you on that hate shit? Homie get money
I be poppin' at yo bitch even when my clothes bummy
See me walking with your chick that's just extra hoes for me
See them Pac Div dudes be them active dudes
It's all unscripted we don't act this cool
Got a couple niggas that do pack them twos
But we can do it old fashioned, meet me after school


[Verse 3: BeYoung]
Slipped like lustice, paint cool like ranch
Show up to the beach and I leave with the sand
Glow, avatar never go land
When you shut the world down it never goes planned
We smoke that medical strain
Make 'em say woo like it's from ghost clan
Sit with the man I better shift your plans
Game like Kobe he can switch both hands
What you know about Pac Div?
Fuck with your boys every time they get active
We from the place where niggas might bang in
Girls talk so much they forget to use chapstick


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