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Shoppin' Spree

Left ring 10 houndred cash
Neckpiece 30 grand
Whip cost 300 grand
God damn im on a shoppin spre
Bracelet 20 bags
Rims cost me 5 grand
House cost 500 cash
God damn im on a shoppin spre

(shoulja boy)
Lyin in a whip that dont release until 2010
50 thousand dollars spent jus to make my rims spin
Half a million dollars spent on the house i live in
Even more spent on the seat i sit my ass in
Soulja boy tell em a.k.a the assasin
Prises cuts in my watch like i threw sum glass in
Damn exclusive shit sent from china
If u lookin for me im prbly in yo girls vagina
Im lookin in the mirror tell me whos finer
Bought a lamborghini didn't need to cosigner
Ayy wat i spit is jus minor
Every cut served soulja boys headliner
Damn now tell me u dont feel this
Ayy u can't say im jus one hit
Ayy are u bitch niggas serious
Im quick on track like fast and the furious

Im on a shoppin spree(6)

(gucci mane)
Chevy to a chevy chevy to a lamborghinin
U can't be me or see me unless u see me on t.v
Shine and greezy i wonder stevie wonder can see me
Necklace a jungle of greed jus check my selectional pieces
Uhh i got a stupid collection u see
Chain worth a millie u sill wille a millie and 20
Uh man i pass out 50s an 20s
I pass out 50s an 20s i pass out 100s and 50s
We make more money than chemist, doctors, da lawyers, da dentist

Chemist da doctors da lawyers ye money together couldn't getcha
2 door Gurraro 160
Drop top 120
House worth a million and three dual trust 63 g's
Old schools a hundred a piece
That cost me 75 gs, 65 actually but my rims coast me ten of them thangs
Gucci yo gotti the king
Soulja done did it again
This team be 82gs that be worth 82 keys

(yo gotti)
Money ain't the option
Lets give u a option
U go to ur stash partna an ill come out my pockets
2 hundred hundreds
Dat like 20 grad
Jus enough for me to buy my briden a new band
Im like soulja boy tell me
They think that im playin
Come down herr to tennesse and see that im the man
Ain't talkin bout no rappin
Im talkin bout that trappin
Im talkin bout that brick ill ram it straight up pistol package??
Ringpiece 2000 grand
Neckpiece 4000 grand
Fina cop chevy but instead i went and coped a lamb
Whoah took yo bitch on a shoppin spree
Gucci ??? an i think they hoe in love with
Ain't got security i keep lots of thugs wit me
We call them goons cause i rock lots of jewlery
Cocaine everything
Who the fuck ain't feelin me
Gun powder on the market
Realest nigga in the streets

Im on a shoppin spree(6)

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