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Smoke Screen

Trying to make it happen, caught up in the smoke screen x6
Caught up in the smoke screen, caught up in the smoke screen

[Verse 1]
Entertain, the dudes that came in the game with I don't hang with
7 different managers in the span of 8 years
Now I manage myself and brother I ain't scared
Shit is like the carnival though, my life ain't fair
I'm feeling horrible bro, I'm getting gray hair, 31
About to go bald headed, 20-11 I did a record with John Legend
The A&R said right before I play it
He ain't a fan of the singer so he will probably hate it
The smoke screen I see in front of me got me jaded
How can I dominating the people that's ovulating, period
Kay here we go, around people I feel alone nowhere to go
I try to get a verse shit it always the worst
It's either I get the run around or they scared to tell me no
It's a part of the game I can't hate
They stab your back first and give you a hand shake
You getting the plan b and finishing plan h
Because all the powers that be neglected my fan base
Damn dawg, in 0-8 I was the man dawg
I had a plan y'all you don't understand boy
But I'm clumsy and it slipped out my hands y'all
I'ma get it back and that's word to my grandmoms

Caught in a daze, it's like smoke and mirrors
Was all so strange, now the visions clearer
Fuck your advice, don't try to tell me how to live my life
Everything it seems, is not what it seems
Lost in the scene, could have been a smoke screen
Trying to make it happen, caught up in the smoke screen x6
Caught up in the smoke screen, caught up in the smoke screen

[Verse 2]
Here go the plot, people say they your friends but knowing they really not
You're hoping to get ahead, you see them get to the top
And once they get ahead, they act like they forgot, smoke screen
Feeling like a dope fein, looking for a hit comparing that shit to codeine
Ask somebody to look me in the eyes tell me my flows mean
Turn around and say somebody [?]
Happen to keep it real, fuck a casino Mickey really need a deal
Bank account looking homeless, because I need a mill
I feel like Morpheus lie when he gave me the pill, what's going on
Marvin Gaye singing, I'm treating every night like it's holiday drinking
Tell the label that I'm always in the studio they need to just give me a shot
From the booths, call me Abe Lincoln, president
It's evident, the evidence of these gentlemen is negligent
I never win, I just want the fans to tell a friend, to tell a friend
Be in a position to clear the smoke, settled in
New air, cleared out, yeah
I'm too scared to tear it out, I get new ears every new year
With a few fears so I'm treated like new gear I wear em out


[Outro: Excerpt from the documentary Park Ave]

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