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Smokin', Dopin'

[LL Cool J]
Smokin, dopin, keep your ears open
Put me on the flier and I'm guaranteed to rope in
Twenty-thousand people to the place that I play at
And have em even sayin how could someone say that
They're as good as the man who just saw
{*scratched "Cool J"*} Please give me some more
Of those hoopin, scoopin, rhymes you be troopin
If you don't know the new dance, Patti Duke'n
Clap your hands, stomp your feet, snap your fingers
I'm snatchin airplay, from all you AIDS catchin singers
It's a, special delivery on your front step
My picture's on the cover and the rhymes are in effect
Cause, I love to lay down, joints for the playground
And have you O.D.ing saying, y'know, J sound
Righteous, the brother did what he had to
I didn't talk about this, so I had you
Sleepin, breathin sayin yo he ain't keepin
His promise to astonish, from weekend to weekend
But here it is, the jam of all jams
And from this day forth, MC's are gettin slammed
With the

Uhh, aww yeah, uhh - ahh
Uhh, aww yeah, uhh - ahh
Uhh, aww yeah, uhh - ahh
Uhh, aww yeah!

I'm the wise wizard of the microphone swinging it
Here's a mean joint, all the hip-hoppers are singing it
Doin a dance in tight bike pants
So get up on it (HO!) you'll only get one chance
To work out the soreness in your muscles
Do your own thing, even the hustle
MC's I'ma torture, that's already known
But while I'm torturing them, I'ma leave you alone
So you can bump, grind, and rub up against your partner
And look wild like you're trying to get a part in a
Dirty movie on the hip-hop tip
Now tell me (tell you what?) that brother L ain't trying to flip
With the


Movin, groovin, admit that you've been
Shocked and rocked and I'm on top and it's been proven
I'm self-reliant, on stage I'm defiant
All those rumors are small things to a giant
I'm not a cool calm, collected type of brother
I'm kind of hype that's why I'm a good lover
In bed I'm energetic, kind of like a freight train
Going so crazy I have the girlies saying, "Wait James!"
I do damage - use the beef to build a sandwich
And when I'm done, she'll be saying, "How did you manage
To make me feel pleasure from my toes to my head?
On top of that, you ran laps around the bed"
So bust out the pumped up funk that I'm revealing
And listen to it, while you're in your car wheeling
Or on your Walkman as you're starin at the ceiling
Or when you and your love is sex-appealing
To the


It's like a smooth joint, you know what I mean ?
Real mellow, on the love tip, check it out



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