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Words and music by queenThat's the way I amDoes everybody want to knowThis is the way I lead my life - you knowWheelin' and dealin'And a little bit of stealin'You know that's the way I grew upThat's the only life I knowThat's the way my mother taught meThere you goStealin'I gave you the key to my homeI left you alone in charge of my heartHey stealin'You got me wheelin' and dealin'You play with my feelin'Right from the startCan't afford to pay my rentI had to use my common senseTo get some money I owe - ohoThis guy said look in my headMake some easy breadStealin' is the only way that I knowStealin' yeah only way that I knowYeah I like stealin' baby stealin'I gave you both my own on my own[Stealin' lyrics on http://www.elyricsworld.com]Left you aloneNow you'll be stealin' stealin' stealin'All my heartYou're my baby's heartUh uhBaby let 'em bleedYou're in charge of my heartYou are in charge of my heartYou are in chargeYou are in chargeDa da da da da daDa da da da da daDa da da da da daYes you are in charge of my heartI gave you the keyAnd turned on the bedI gave you the keyCome on I said what have I gotWhat have I gotYesI, I got the key out of my heartNow get that key out of my heart? ? ? of my heartCome on

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