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Still Hustlin'

[Verse 1: Juicy J]
Bullet holes leakin', people ain't peepin'
.45 in my drawers, got a nigga leanin'
Juicy J beef, and my .45 singin'
When that ho go off a nigga ears be ringin'
Gangsta nigga doing gangster shit
She'll set a nigga up, that's right I got a gangster bitch
My young niggas starvin', and you look like a bargain
Shootin' at the range, and you look like the target
You was turnt up, now you dearly departed
Circling through your hood with my dogs, choppers barkin'
These niggas ain't hard, these pussy niggas flexin'
Ran to the car when I pulled out my weapon
If you snitch, you gotta die
If you smoke, you gotta buy
If they arrest your ass, you gotta lie
Need anything, I got a guy (dope man)
20 years in the game and I'm still winnin'
Wastin' money, rollin' weed and I'm still sippin'

[Hook x 2]
A veteran in the game and I'm still gettin' it
Broke up with my ex and I'm still hittin' it
A nigga play with me that stainless steel bustin'
I'm a hustler till I die, nigga I'm still hustlin'

[Verse 2: Project Pat]
County jail, ?
Robbery charge, penal farm
FCI Memphis, in the hole for the firearm
Project born, hood raised, shot niggas in the face
2001 tried to book me on a murder case
Seen so many prisons bars, thats why I got bars
Depression had me on them bars, I stay on Mars
Got my money out the sewer so that means it's dirty
Police patrolling 7 AM so we hustle early
Cause the early bird gone get the worm
Lay with my bread, choppa straighten you like a perm
Kidnap N murk niggas over drug dealin'
First 48, you seen them scary ass niggas squealin'

[Hook x 2]

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