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Sun Down (Girls Night Out)

[Verse 1: BeYoung]
She bought the new panties so tonight she can kick em off
Bo legged round the way drink a liquor dark
Sho nuff I respect that, work to keep your checks fat
Sunday after sundown loving where your heads at
Life full of setback, shake em into late night
Ant too much on your mind but getting cake right
It ant Pac Div she said its watching paint dry
I think we take the cab home , that s a safe night
Gang tight never change ?
Same night half the ?
We just waiting to climax boo I ant tripping
Give my number to your friends if you ant with it

Sun Goes down and the girls come out
Sun Goes down and the girls come out( I Love It )
Sun Goes down and the girls come out
Sun Goes down and the girls come out( I love it )

[Verse 2: Mibbs]
I undo that skirt I take off that blouse
Think she dropped her purse when she walked in house
Oh yeah we got it going on
She suck my dick so long she said I hurt her mouth
It was girls night out bachelorette party so she all twerked out
She want a sex party I'm going to work her out
Hit me at 1 am it might go down
If your just getting off work then come right now
Its a beautiful night let back the moon-roof on that BMW and watch the sun go down
I'm probably with my niggas at the studio we waiting til the girls come out


[Verse 3: Like]
City lights reflect on the window of the Chevy
My guy sipping liquor getting ready for the night
The weekend the reason for the ladies to get faded
Eyes beaming for attention but I'm jaded
Seen it done it still money's my favorite
Get familiar with the cash so we related
So niggas throwing stacks in the air so elated
Celebrating life cause we made it
I know you hated ,so underrated
The chick you have is old new she hella dated
She back stage real sedated, and now she naked
This life we got tho its hard I wouldn't trade it
Without my niggas Mibbs and Be I wouldn't make it
Bright stars in the sky
Remind me of the time I seen stars in her eyes
Like the stars in the July, fireworks spark in her eyes
Now I worry about which car I should drive that's a ? for love


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