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Swag On Em

Southside swag swag
East side swag swag
West side swag swag
(swag on em)

Walk in this bitch thousand dollar outfit
And i still like kush lil bitch im the shit
I dont hold no cups ima bottle poppin nigga
And i pause like lets get em
And if she lookin for a baller than she must
Be lookin? cuz her brains sayin no but my cars
Sayin fuck me wither her apple bottom jeans
And you know what that means back seat
With a flick playin on the flat sceen
Got my dope boys swag
Rockin to the rythm
I dont do the gucci bags but my hoes fuck wit em
Nick tat it up jus tat it up ??? tat it up
Hatas mad at us

Yeah im a g wit out da unit and i can do it
I can shake em off and get right back to it
Nah we dont fuck wit dat we do it like dis
Now bitch get back

I got it if u want it x2
U lookin like u need some (he lookin like he need some)
U lookin like u need some(she lookin like she need some)

Now hold up man this nigga done stepped on my mother fuckin shoes

If u say somethin dont play me like a hoe
Dont look n see its me and try to say u didn't kno
All yall got me fucked up
My hoe will beat a bitch clothes off
Give my niggas the word and they gon go off
Go hard (go hard)
U go soft (u go soft)
??? tax yer bitch like rick ross
I pulled up in the club in yer phanom cuz
We try to hide but that poparazi kno its us
By the bar jus rockin to the rythm
I dont drink margaritas but my hoes fuck wit em
Tick? strapped up beat? strapped up we strapped up
Black flag black truck
Maybe if i take the D&G shades off now
I could get my swag right on this
On this red ??? ???
Turn around shawty look who jus walked in the club
Them niggas gettin money but not like us


Southside swag swag
East side swag swag
West side swag swag
(swag on em)

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