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That's Life

That's life, that's what i say, shot up in april, strung out in may, but i know it wont, be too soon, when im back on, night train in june, i said that's life, as funny as it may seem, all of my friends get their kicks stompin on my dreams but i don't let it let it get me down 'cause this fucked up world keeps me spinning around ive been a pupet, pauper, pirate a poet, a pawn & a king, ive been up and down over and out and i know one thing, each time i find my self flat on my face, i pick myself up and get back in the race that's life i tell ya i can't deny it t thought of quittin lady my heart aint gonna buy it and if i didn't think it was worth one single try i'd shoot me up a bag and then I'd fly that's life and i have defied it many times i have cut out but i haven't died yet and if there is nothing shakin by this july im gonna shoot myself up with a speed ball & die!

Date Added: 1970-01-01
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