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The Eternal Pest

The dead have awaken unexpectedly
From the gates of Heracleu's until the raging Aegan sea
The earth and the sea boils - fire and terror
Sword and death rattle coils - Tear and curse

Thunder and lightning everywhere
Death avidly reaps
And war is joy - The war games

At once the Olympus snowy eyebrow clouds
And black clouds spread in Kissavos dorsum
The lops, the water and the rock creeps
Staying still dead
A secret knife fills the cosmos

A haunted bird looms from afar
A cloud with the north and dressed black the sky
Crows and flumps
Strife, Warlords!
The great whore of Babylon has fallen
They hang the Messiah, the world is at peace
In the winds roar - The arms hushed
The king is dead - Hail the king

The eternal pest drowned
There in the wall of tears
The gates area sealed for ever
From he who wasn't him

Date Added: 1970-01-01
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